Monday, August 6, 2018

Flower Shares: Week Seven

Hello all!

Here is a very important photo of my employer's kitten. I know, my goodness. He and his sibling followed me down to the field today, and it was the best of harvests.

This week in your shares, you will find a combination of:


I went with fewer varieties this time around for a slightly different look. Hope you like the switch up! And just so you know, basil does not like to be refrigerated at temperatures below 50 degrees, so please keep your arrangement out on the table, or separate into various vases as you see fit. I learned that fact this week, so I'm very sorry if those of you with basil in your arrangements last week had some wilting!

You can also take apart your mixed bouquet to tackle a flower crown, or other fun craft, if you are so inclined. I cut flowers to take with me for a bachelorette weekend in the White Mountains, and we had a blast making crowns for the night out. It was a little tricky at first, but you should get the hang of it fairly quickly. Here's a tutorial if you'd like to give it a go! And here's a photo of Kate hard at work:

Last week, I also took down our buckwheat cover crop and discovered some tiny frogs living in the field. This guy was just slightly bigger than my thumb nail!

Hope you all are staying cool in this heat wave. Phew!

Thank you, and have a great week!


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